Below is a short list of a variety of tiles along with other materials that we can provide as part of work undertaken.

Ceramic Tiles


Ceramic tiles being the most versatile available in many sizes, shades and designs. Can used for both floor and wall and used in bathrooms, kitchens, food preparation areas, receptions, hallways and many more.

Quarry Tiles


Quarry tiles being famous for their strength and weight can be obtain in many shades and thickness as well as none slip. Quarry tiles are produced from dried clay fired in kiln for a number of hours at temperatures exceeding 1100ºC thus giving its classic warm orange shade. Used mainly for floor tiles in areas such as shower rooms, food preparation areas, factory floors, kitchens and dining areas.

Mosaic Tiles


Mosaic tiles today are most commonly used in swimming pools and bathrooms. These tiles are classically square and no wider than your thumb and made to slightly vary in shade from tile to tile. Can be seen in many accent buildings as well as entrance halls dating back many centuries.

Terrazzo Tiles


Terrazzo is mainly used in large super market and factory floors. Due to their large size and weight the placement of these tiles is very restrictive for domestic use. Available in many colours and designs these granite marble affect tiles are laid on sand and cement then grouted and polished.